Why You Need a Building Surveyor for a Set-out Survey

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If you plan to build a brand-new home on a virgin piece of property, you'll want to ensure that you go through the motions and adhere to all the regulations. You also want to avoid running into any problems that may require you to backtrack the work, simply to put things right or deal with a situation you should have addressed before. In this situation, you should think about commissioning a set-out survey so you can get an appropriate form from the local regulator, and all will be well.

23 June 2022

Why X-Ray Tech Is Crucial Prior to Any Concrete Coring Activity

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When you want to perform a major reconstruction project using existing infrastructure, you'll want to determine the overall strength and capacity of what is already in place. To do this, you often have to conduct concrete core tests to determine if everything meets your acceptance criteria in terms of structural capacity and other factors. Yet it can be challenging to perform these core tests when you're not exactly sure what may be hidden out of sight, as it may be very dangerous if you hit anything.

27 April 2022

All You Need To Know About Underpinning

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Foundation problems affect the structural integrity of your home and make it unsafe for occupation. Luckily, you do not need to demolish the building to repair the foundation. Underpinning is a construction technique that reinforces the current foundation without pulling down the building. Continue reading this extract for some insights on the underpinning process.  When Does Your House Need Underpinning?  Typically, you need to underpin your house when the foundation becomes weak.

24 February 2022

Top Things You Should Know About Mining Engineers

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When entering the mining industry or when dealing with issues with your existing mine, it's normal to want to ask for help. It's also normal to be a bit nervous and unsure about who you should trust and hire for the job. Mining engineers are often incredibly helpful for mining companies and mining professionals. If you still aren't sure why you should hire a mining engineer to help with your project, you'll probably be interested in these top things that you should know about mining engineers.

3 January 2022

Three Fundamental Tips for Avoiding Common Piling Mistakes

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If you are planning on using piles in your construction project, you should choose qualified specialist contractors for assistance. In general, piling is an advantageous method for establishing a foundation. Piles have exceptional support strength and can be customised to match unique needs. Also, they are ideal for building deep foundations, even in unfavourable environments with poor soil conditions. Additionally, the installation process is not complicated because a lot of excavation is not required.

23 November 2021

Top Reasons to Have Waterproofing Done When You're Having Your Home Built

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If you are preparing to have a home built, you might already be making some big plans about all of the things that you want to have done during the building process. You might not have thought about working with a waterproofing service just yet, but it's actually a really good idea to have waterproofing done while your home is being built, rather than avoiding having it done at all or having it done later.

21 September 2021

Reasons to Install a Retaining Wall in Your Garden

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The ground elevations on opposite sides of a retaining wall are different. The earth is held back on one side of the wall, while the other side is free-standing. Because they restrain soil, retaining walls must be sturdy as well as decorative. If you're wondering whether to build one of these structures on your property, here are several reasons why you should do so. Tame Steep Slopes Retaining walls can be used to tame steep slopes and to create usable areas in a hilly garden.

9 August 2021