Why X-Ray Tech Is Crucial Prior to Any Concrete Coring Activity

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When you want to perform a major reconstruction project using existing infrastructure, you'll want to determine the overall strength and capacity of what is already in place. To do this, you often have to conduct concrete core tests to determine if everything meets your acceptance criteria in terms of structural capacity and other factors. Yet it can be challenging to perform these core tests when you're not exactly sure what may be hidden out of sight, as it may be very dangerous if you hit anything. How can you get around this challenge so you can begin work as soon as possible?

Assessing Risk

It doesn't take much to imagine the consequences should concrete core activity hit an electrical conduit or post-tension cables below ground. This type of event could cause a widespread outage, leading to unwanted costs and damage to reputation or damage elsewhere that may be hard to fix.

Imaging Technology

Your answer is to bring in special x-ray machines that can reveal any potential problem areas before coring even begins. These machines use advanced imaging technology to capture this data safely and with relative ease, saving you a lot of time and money in the process.

Revealing All

Concrete x-ray machines will instantly reveal any objects that may be embedded within the concrete slab and put in place by the original installer. This information is often not available in public or private records, and you want precise answers rather than taking any risks. With this data, you'll be able to make informed decisions to know where it is safe to drill or cut.

Better Than Other Techniques

X-ray technology tends to be more successful than ground-penetrating radar in this arena. For example, it's able to distinguish between metal conduits and rebar and can even tell you the diameter of the rebar in question. In addition, it'll show the presence of any cracks or voids in the older concrete so you can make more informed decisions.

Quick Results

Most experienced contractors will be able to provide you with a simple analysis within a few seconds of use. They'll be able to show these results on a laptop and provide you with digital files that you can share with other contractors.

Bringing in the Experts

Get in touch with contractors that specialise in using x-ray technology in these environments. They should be able to provide you with detailed information in a relatively short amount of time so that you can push on with your bigger project.


27 April 2022

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