Why You Need a Building Surveyor for a Set-out Survey

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If you plan to build a brand-new home on a virgin piece of property, you'll want to ensure that you go through the motions and adhere to all the regulations. You also want to avoid running into any problems that may require you to backtrack the work, simply to put things right or deal with a situation you should have addressed before. In this situation, you should think about commissioning a set-out survey so you can get an appropriate form from the local regulator, and all will be well. What is involved in this type of survey?

Translating Theory to Practice

A professional building surveyor can conduct a set-out survey. In short, they will help transfer the detail from approved architectural plans and apply them to the actual location instead. The surveyor will use sophisticated equipment and software programs to do this. They may also need surveying poles, tripods, and prisms that can reflect infrared beams to define any location with a high degree of accuracy.

Creating a Set-out Survey

The set-out survey will define the precise location of the building work in relation to a property boundary or any existing survey plans. When all of the data has been checked for conformity and precision, it will be stored in a central location, usually in the form of a digital file. Builders and contractors can then refer to this approved survey at various stages of construction.

Ensuring Conformity

A building surveyor will always want to see that the actual position of the structure matches any plan and conforms with the offset from a relevant boundary. This type of check should always be done at the outset and before construction continues to any significant degree. After all, it is far easier to make adjustments in the beginning than it would be to demolish and rebuild instead.

Issuing a Form 16

If a building surveyor is happy, a form 16 certification will be issued. This mandatory document informs a builder when a particular stage of construction has been completed according to regulation. There are strict guidelines governing who can create this type of documentation. Therefore, you should always consult with a professional building surveyor when you embark on this type of project.

Working with the Experts

Remember, you must ensure that your project conforms to regulations laid down by your state or territory. Only work with experienced and professional building surveyors who will help you achieve your goals.


23 June 2022

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