Contaminated Soil: Three Remediation Methods to Consider

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The pollution of soil in both residential and commercial land can sometimes be attributed to human activities. This type of contamination process occurs when manmade chemicals or other substances are added to the soil. This will alter the natural structure of the soil, making the land hazardous or unsuitable for human usage. The pollution can cause health risks through direct human contact or through inhalation of chemical vapours from the soil.

30 December 2015

Grouting Mistakes Most Homeowners Make


New tiles can make any kitchen or bathroom look fresh and new, and they can also be cleaner and easier to maintain than your old tiles. Installing tiles on your own can be more complicated than you realise; even the grout itself is often difficult to work with, and using the wrong grout or installing it incorrectly will make your tile job look very poor. Note a few grouting mistakes most homeowners make that you should try to avoid.

25 November 2015

What To Consider When Buying Half Round Gutters


If you're looking for roofing gutters, the half-round gutter should be a familiar term to you already. It's one of the popular gutter systems, right beside the K-style and the box gutter design. It features a half-cylinder design that is practical for drainage solutions and easy cleaning. Read on to see what you should consider if you decide to go for this design. Gutter lengths & size When it comes to gutters, lengths and size mean two separate things.

27 April 2015