What To Consider When Buying Half Round Gutters


If you're looking for roofing gutters, the half-round gutter should be a familiar term to you already. It's one of the popular gutter systems, right beside the K-style and the box gutter design. It features a half-cylinder design that is practical for drainage solutions and easy cleaning. Read on to see what you should consider if you decide to go for this design.

Gutter lengths & size

When it comes to gutters, lengths and size mean two separate things. Length defines the drain distance while size refers to the cross section width. The length of the gutter will obviously be determined by the size of your roof. Gutter manufacturers and resellers will often quote prices per metre or foot so have your measurements ready when comparing costs. As for the size, this should be determined by the surface area of your roof. Standard sizes are 4"- 8". The larger your roof is, the more water you'll need to drain off and that will demand a large size gutter: 5-8".


Gutters are found in various material options, namely: steel, aluminum and copper. Steel is durable but may be susceptible to rust if not galvanized. It's ideal for heavy applications, especially for large-size gutters. Aluminum is light and fairs normally well for domestic purposes. Copper has a unique appearance that sets it apart from the rest. It's also quite durable as it has a good resistance to rust.

Color options

You don't have to settle for the default color of your gutter material. With aluminum and steel, (copper gets to retain its natural color for authenticity), you can have your gutters supplied in the color of your choice. Aluminum, for example, can be painted to resemble copper. Color options help you fit a gutter that blends well with your property's roof and walls for better aesthetics. However, not every manufacturer has this option. If that's the case with your supplier, talk to your installer about paint work before your gutters go up on the roof.

In additional to the gutters, don't forget to also check out corner gutters/mitres. These are helpful when tackling corners as they can help reduce installation time and difficulty. They will also help reduce chances of leaking joints in future. You can order them in the exact angles you need for your property. Also look out for stop caps for your gutter ends and brackets for installation. If you are worried about maintaining your gutters, look around or ask for gutter covers. These go over your gutters and help trap branches and leaves.

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27 April 2015

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