Insulation for the Metal Roof in Your Commercial Building: Three Ideas

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If you have a commercial building with a metal roof, you may want to insulate the roof to reduce your heating and cooling bills. As an added bonus, insulation helps to absorb sound, making rain storms much quieter inside your building. There are several type of commercial insulation you can consider. Take a look at these three options to help you decide what is right for you.

1. Spray-on insulation

If you are looking for the budget option, spray-on insulation may be the best choice. In addition, if your metal roof is already in place, spray on insulation can be the most convenient insulation to add to an existing roof. You simply need to get to the underside of the roof using ladders and spray it with the insulation. Ideally, you want to use drop cloths to prevent drips and messes, or you may want a professional to spray it on for you.

2. Air-cell metal roof insulation

If you are adding a new metal roof, you may want to explore more options such as air-cell roof insulation. This type of insulation is extremely lightweight, and in many cases, you don't have to add any supporting mesh. Rather, you can simply roll out the air-cell insulation over your existing rafters. Then, once it is in place, you simply add the metal roofing on the top.

This type of insulation comes in large rolls, and in addition to insulting the inside of your building, it also helps cut down on ice dams. To explain, you can roll this insulation so that it slightly overlaps with your eaves, keeping the temperature of the building and its envelope relatively close and helping to avoid the differences in temperature that can lead to ice dams. In addition, as you overlap each piece of air cell insulation, you eliminate the chance of air gaps.   

3. Insulated metal roofing panels

Instead of putting up your metal roof and your commercial insulation in two separate steps, you can save time by using insulated roofing panels. These panels are great if you want to save money on installation costs. There are a range of different options on the market, but in many cases, you can choose panels that feature metal roofing on the top, insulation in the middle and a decorative material for your ceiling on the other side.

For example, some have a stucco appearance on the bottom of the panel. This is a great option if you want the look of a ceiling but you don't want to install it under the insulation you have as that can become time consuming and potentially expensive.

For more information, contact an insulation specialist.



30 June 2016

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