5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Architect

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Hiring an architect is perfect when you feel that you have reached your creative limits and you require expert advice take your home renovation project further. However to ensure that your working relationship is a positive one and that you are being provided with the level of service that you expect, try to consider the following 5 things. 

1. Think of the budget

Hiring an architect can be costly as can renovating a home. Always plan these costs into your budget and perhaps even be a little over cautious. You are hiring a skilled individual who will work tirelessly to help you, however as mentioned earlier sometimes time constraints can cause issues and may require you to hire people for extended lengths of time. Architects require a percentage fee of what they think the total cost of the build will be and this is usually between 9 and 15% according to undercoverarchitect.com. Discuss all fees with your architect early on to avoid any unwelcome surprises.  

2. Working Together

Sometimes teamwork really pays off but it also requires you to pay more. An architect may wish to employ other individuals with particular skills to assist with the project. Make sure you are comfortable with each person and are happy to take on the financial burden. Every individual on the team should meet your exacting criteria and should make you feel confident in their ability to reach your goal.

3. Listen and Learn

When hiring an architect you will no doubt have numerous ideas swimming around your head just waiting to be used. Just be mindful that architects have spent years studying planning, structural design and many other aspects that allow a building to be constructed safely and effectively. Listen to what they have to say and be open-minded to their suggestions. Also, don't be offended if your own ideas need a little tweaking. 

4. The Members Club

Ask if your architect is a member of a professional organisation. The Australian Institute of Architects is one such group that will provide your architect with support, regular CPD opportunities and networking events, which could benefit them if they subcontract out work.

5. Time is Ticking

With architectural building designs come paperwork, permits and time restraints. Try to factor in some of these hurdles and avoid placing overly strict deadlines on yourself or your architect. Waiting for building permits can take time and will no doubt cause added stress. If you can anticipate this then the whole process will be a lot smoother and efficient.   


30 June 2016

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