Important Questions to Ask When Considering a Tarp Hire

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You can actually hire or rent a heavy-duty tarp for covering over a construction project or for use as shelter when planning an outdoor event, and this can mean having needed protection for your materials or your guests. Renting a heavy-duty tarp can also mean ensuring you get a clean tarp that is free of debris or tears; you don't want to use an old tarp from your garage which might have holes and other damage when it's time to cover your roofing project or set up for a party. When you are ready to consider a tarp hire, note a few questions you want to ensure you ask of the agency.

Be sure you ask if the tarp can be used for a party or event

Some heavy-duty tarps are actually so heavy that they require a roof or other structure to support them; you cannot simply attach them to posts around your porch or elsewhere and expect them to remain stretched out over an area, as their weight may cause them to sag in the middle even if they're tied down. These tarps are good for covering over a roofing job or protecting outdoor equipment, but don't assume that all tarps can be attached to poles or remain upright. Ask for a party tarp in particular if you're getting one to be used as shelter.

Ask if they install the tarps for you

Some tarps are so heavy that they can be difficult for someone inexperienced with their handling to unwrap and unfold them and then tie them down as needed. However, you don't want to assume that a tarp hire company will unwrap the tarp and put it into place for you. Insurance regulations may keep them from being on a construction site or even on your home's roof if it's not in good repair. Some companies may have the right insurance for providing this work for you, but don't assume what they'll do for you and, instead, ask if they will unfold and install the tarp if you'll need help.

Ask if there are any materials that shouldn't come into contact with the tarp

A canvas tarp might get damaged if you put it over something oily, and some chemicals or oils might break down the plastic of a poly tarp. Note to the rental agency your use for the tarp if there is anything you might be covering that would cause damage and their recommendations as to the best material for your needs.   

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23 June 2016

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