Some Questions You Might Have About Using Treated Pine for a Home Project

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Treated pine is a very common wood used for outdoor decking; pine itself is very affordable and yet very durable and strong, while also being easy to cut and fabricate on your own. This makes it a good choice for any deck, porch, steps, walkways, outdoor furniture, and the like. If you're thinking of building a new outdoor area or anything else for yourself, note a few questions you might have about using treated pine so you know it's the right choice and know how to work with it properly.

What does it mean to be treated?

Treated wood has had chemicals added to protect it from fungicide, termites, rot, and other such damage. This is why you never want to use untreated wood for outdoor projects; even with a sealant, it is likely to collect moisture and then decay or become host for insects.

Does treated pine need to be sealed?

Pine or any other type of wood always needs a sealant applied on a regular basis. The chemical treatment given it will help make the wood a poor host to mold and insects, but doesn't provide all the protection you need against the elements and other potential damage.

What is "ground contact"?

Wood that has been treated with special chemicals that keep it dry and free of mold and mildew is meant for "ground contact," or for coming into contact with the ground. This means fence and deck posts and boards for walkways. If you don't see the term "ground contact" being used, don't use that wood on the ground no matter the types of sealants or paint you use, as it's more likely to be damaged over time.

Why should treated pine not be used for firewood?

You never want to burn treated wood of any sort, as the chemicals used for treating it are very dangerous when released in a fire. The ash of the fire can also be dangerous for the environment. If you do need to get rid of treated wood of any sort, check with your city about how to dispose of it properly, but never burn it.

Can treated pine be painted or stained?

You can paint or stain treated pine just as you would any other type of wood; be sure you use a paint meant for wood and for outdoor use and use a sealant over it to keep it protected. If you use the right paint or stain, your treated pine should look just as good as any other type of wood product you might use outdoors.


17 June 2016

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