5 Benefits of Bitumen Spray Sealing

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Bitumen spray sealing consists of a bitumen paving compound that is sprayed in a thin layer over existing paving. It's durable enough to be used on roads with traffic as well as on driveways and parking areas. There are several benefits to having a paved area bitumen sprayed. 

1. Renewed Surface Appearance

Old paving can become discoloured by stains or faded from constant sun exposure and weathering. Sealing with a thin layer of bitumen covers over all of these old discolourations, making the paving dark in colour and free of visible stains. The result is a more attractive paved surface. If it is a driveway or private access road being sealed, the improvement of the paving appearance will also make your home and property look nicer.

2. Increased Water Resistance

Water absorption is one of the key ways that paving develops cracks, potholes and other types of weathering damage. Most paving is somewhat permeable to small amounts of water. Applying a bitumen seal over the surface of the paving provides a waterproof seal that will prevent all water absorption, and thus related damage, for several years. It's time to reapply the seal when water begins to absorb into the paving again instead of beading on top of the bitumen seal. 

3. UV Damage Prevention

Sunlight is unforgiving when it is beating down on your paving day in and day out. The UV light slowly dries out the pavement as well as causes damage to the binders that hold everything together. Eventually, it will result in crumbling, weak paving that is prone to cracks and other damage. Bitumen seals protect against UV damage, as they often contain binders that help deflect UV rays. Further, any damage that does occur only affect the bitumen layer, which is easy to replace.

4. Small Damage Repairs

A bitumen seal application won't fill in large cracks or holes. It will cover the small hairline cracks that can begin to develop in old paving. Not only will this improve the appearance of the paved area, but it will also keep additional water from making its way into the cracks and causing them to enlarge. 

5. Better Surface Grip

A new coat of bitumen provides more grip on a paved surface, which makes skids and slides less of a concern. Old paving can almost feel slick beneath the tires, particularly when it is wet. Increased traction is especially useful in rainy weather when sliding on a private road or as one pulls onto a driveway is much more common. 

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24 June 2021

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