Why It May Be Wise to Overlay Concrete Over an Old Asphalt Driveway

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Many commercial property owners are not sure about the best approach to take if they would like to give the asphalt driveway a new lease of life. One option is to replace the asphalt on the driveway with new asphalt. Another option is to place a layer of concrete over the old asphalt driveway. This article discusses why it may be a good idea to choose the second option.

Reduced Downtime

You need a lot of time to remove the old asphalt and let the new asphalt set. During that time, the driveway will be closed to vehicular traffic. This can cause inconveniences to the tenants and visitors using your commercial property. By placing a concrete overlay onto the old asphalt driveway, you can avoid those inconveniences. This is because the concrete sets quickly and vehicles can drive over it in a shorter time than the time needed to pour a new asphalt driveway.

Lower Cost of Materials

You are likely to incur lower costs to buy materials. This is because the layer of concrete that will be placed on the old asphalt driveway will be thinner than the layer needed when a new driveway is constructed from the sub-grade upwards.

Less Labour is Needed

Placing a concrete overlay over an existing asphalt driveway requires minimal labour. This is because it may not be necessary to conduct any repairs on the asphalt driveway before the concrete is poured over it. The concrete mix usually absorbs any loose asphalt and fills any gaps or holes present in the old asphalt driveway.

Reduced Maintenance

Asphalt is usually darker in colour when compared to concrete. The dark colour of asphalt driveways partly comes from the bitumen that is used to hold the driveway materials, such as aggregates, together. This dark colour makes the driveway susceptible to weather damage because the surface absorbs heat easily. That heat causes the asphalt to expand and crack easily. Frequent repairs are needed to fill those gaps. Such repairs can be avoided when you place a concrete overlay over the asphalt. Concrete is lighter in colour. This enables it to reflect most of the heat from the sun. Consequently, the driveway will last longer without developing defects that call for frequent repairs.

Talk to a commercial concreting professional in your area. He or she will advise you about the best time to place the concrete overlay over the driveway leading to your commercial property so that you can enjoy all the benefits above.


6 July 2016

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