Some Questions You Might Have About Window Tinting for Your Home

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Window tinting is not just for cars; you can have your home's windows tinted to keep your home cooler during summer months and also block out light from nearby traffic, street lamps, and the like. If you're thinking of getting your home's windows tinted, note a few questions you might have about the process and then discuss this option with a contractor if you still need more information.  

Do windows crack after being tinted?

Tinting windows shouldn't cause them to crack; however, if there is a slight bit of damage to the window already, the solar heat that is deflected off the window film may cause the glass itself to crack. This is because the film is installed in the interior of the widows so when it deflects heat, the glass will absorb some of that heat. This shouldn't affect your home's windows if they're in good condition but if they are already weak from being damaged, they may crack. Sudden changes in exterior temperature may also weaken glass as the film deflects this heat. Your window film installer should be able to discern if the window needs repair or replacement before tinting can be applied so you can avoid this risk.

Does tinting affect the growth of houseplants?

If you have houseplants that you love, you are right to ask about how window tinting can affect them. Some tints are meant to reflect all of the sun's rays and actually darken your home, so your plants may suffer. However, many films are meant to only deflect harmful UV rays and heat from the sun, but not other rays. Your home may not be any darker and your plants will still get the sunlight they need. Discuss your options from various types of window tinting films with your contractor and mention your houseplants when deciding so you know you get the right type for your home.  

Why choose expensive window film over tint found at a hardware store?

The old saying, "You get what you pay for," can certainly apply to window film. Cheaper film may simply be thick and dark and it may block out light, but it may also allow heat into your home. It can also easily bubble and start to slide off the window as the adhesion breaks down. You might also see it start to actually slide off every time you need to clean it! For a quality job that will actually protect your home and that will last, opt for professional film and don't shop by price alone.


27 June 2016

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