3 Reasons Why Contractors Should Have Continuous Site Clean-up

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A construction site goes through a lot of excavation dust and dirt over time. It, therefore, gets messy and cleaning goes a long way in making things run more efficiently and safely. Whereas some contractors opt to do the cleaning at the end of a project, it is better to do so throughout the duration of the project. This is especially the case when you consider residential construction sites where your neighbours and family are affected by the debris.

Here are a few reasons why you should tell your contractor to do continuous site clean-up.

1. Safety Concerns

A clean site impacts the safety of all involved in the construction as well as passers-by. There will be fewer accidents as potentially dangerous materials are regularly cleared. There will be fewer cases of a worker having slipped or fallen on an object causing a fatal injury.

Another threat that cleaners look out for is toxic materials. If not well disposed of, these chemicals have the potential of causing great damage to those who inhale or handle them within and outside the construction site.

2. Increased Productivity

Cleanliness and order enhance improved efficiency in the work area.  If workers are not taking long routes or procedures to get work done, then they are more motivated and deliver faster and better work. Scattered debris tends to get in everyone's way and because of the intensity of the work being carried out, can be a bother with an impact on final output.

This is why in addition to regular site cleaning, it is important to hire the best contractors and service providers who will analyse the site and maintain some order in how they work. This starts with getting professional excavation services at the beginning of a project (for those that require excavation).

3. Perception

If you are looking to make home improvements to a house you are staying in or even planning to sell, a clean job site benefits you a lot. Your neighbours will be concerned if their children are playing with construction equipment or material strewn around.

In addition, if you have potential clients coming to see how work is progressing, the best way to convince them to buy the house is by ensuring the construction site looks pleasant to the eye. They definitely do not expect it to be perfect because of ongoing work but they should at least be able to move around without bumping into sharp and dangerous objects.

If you can have a pleasant looking job site despite the chaos that comes with construction, then your neighbours and/or clients will trust you in other areas as well. You may find your business growing through unexpected referrals because of this slight detail.


14 June 2016

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