Reasons to Install a Retaining Wall in Your Garden

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The ground elevations on opposite sides of a retaining wall are different. The earth is held back on one side of the wall, while the other side is free-standing. Because they restrain soil, retaining walls must be sturdy as well as decorative. If you're wondering whether to build one of these structures on your property, here are several reasons why you should do so. Tame Steep Slopes Retaining walls can be used to tame steep slopes and to create usable areas in a hilly garden.

9 August 2021

5 Benefits of Bitumen Spray Sealing

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Bitumen spray sealing consists of a bitumen paving compound that is sprayed in a thin layer over existing paving. It's durable enough to be used on roads with traffic as well as on driveways and parking areas. There are several benefits to having a paved area bitumen sprayed.  1. Renewed Surface Appearance Old paving can become discoloured by stains or faded from constant sun exposure and weathering. Sealing with a thin layer of bitumen covers over all of these old discolourations, making the paving dark in colour and free of visible stains.

24 June 2021

Two Species to Consider When Shopping for Top Quality Fencing Timber

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There is a myriad of reasons why you would need to install a new fence. Perhaps you have recently concluded the construction of your new home build and are looking to secure its perimeter. Or maybe you are looking to enhance the privacy of your residence. Whatever the case, investing in fencing will not only improve the kerb appeal of your property but will prove highly functional too. Quality fencing timber fits this description in various ways.

18 May 2021

Pallet Stacking: A Guide

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There's no reason why you cannot work effectively on a construction site if you don't have the right equipment and safety precautions. One thing is very clear: jobs can often be hazardous and dangerous. That's why it pays to take precautions necessary to ensure your personal safety and your co-workers. If you're involved in loading or unloading pallets on a construction site, there are certain safety precautions you should take to avoid workplace accidents.

8 April 2021

Stylish Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Verandah

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Verandahs are heavenly during summer, and depending where you live in Australia, they can be heavenly all year round. There is the unfortunate reality that there are some unwelcome visitors who'll want to share your verandah with you. This is not friends and family members who perhaps outstay their welcome when visiting, but more the flying nasties who flock to your verandah, summoned by the light and the scent of food.

1 February 2017

Various underpinning methods you can use to secure the foundation of your house

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As time goes by, you may find several cracks along your window or door frames or even in the walls of your house. From afar, you may also see your house or building slanting to one side. These damages may be a sign of subsidence and can be caused by old foundation works or tree roots that are in proximity to the foundation and are damaging its structural integrity. This is a clear indication that the foundation of the house is weakening and it may result in permanent structural damage.

1 February 2017

Building Contractors: The Different Home Renovation Projects You Could Choose

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Home renovations refer to any type of project you embark on to make adjustments to your home. Commonly, homeowners will seek renovations to spruce up the overall appearance of the exterior or interior of the home. Nevertheless, there are an array of different categories of home renovations that you could choose. Knowing what you would like to focus on makes it easier for you to come up with a realistic budget as well as know which type of building contractors would be suited for your project.

24 January 2017

A Place in the Sun: 3 Tips for Daylighting Your New School Building

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Over the years, studies have shown that students perform better in daylit rooms than they do in those which rely on artificial lighting. Among other benefits, daylight has been found to promote regulated circadian rhythm in school-age children, reducing sleep-related absences and lateness. Daylighting can also reduce the ongoing running and maintenance costs associated with artificial lighting and HVAC. Given that Australia benefits from up to 11 hours of sunshine per day, educators looking to construct new school buildings should be aiming to maximise daylighting in their architectural, structural, and electrical design.

17 November 2016

Bi-fold Doors: UPVC or Aluminium Frames?

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So you've decided to opt for bi-fold doors in your extension, or perhaps you're replacing those old patio windows. There are two major frame varieties on the market: UPVC and aluminium. To help you make the best choice for your home, below is a comparison between the two materials which will help you choose the best frame. UPVC frames Standard UPVC frames have a white finish. While this looks amazing when they are first installed in your home, overtime UPVC frames can become discoloured and yellow.

27 July 2016

An Insight On Commonly Asked Questions On Screw Piles

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When building, you need to get everything right starting from the foundation. A good foundation should be able to support the load from the other parts of the building that are above the ground. In some cases, getting a good foundation can be difficult because of weather and soil conditions. For instance, weak soil may be unable to stand up to the weight of fresh concrete laid for your foundation. This is where screw piles come in handy.

11 July 2016