Do You Need a Commercial Refrigeration Repair? Four Signs You May

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Many businesses rely on commercial freezers, refrigerators, chiller cabinets and cold storage rooms. If so, then it is certainly worth maintaining this equipment. If it were to go wrong, you won't just face the cost of repairing or replacing it but your stock could go off and become unsellable, as well. In other words, it is better to call a repair engineer in to look into even minor problems before they get out of hand. After all, a commercial fridge repair conducted today could save thousands of dollars in potential lost revenue. What are the main indications that you need a commercial refrigeration repair? Read on to find out. 

1. Pooling or Leaking

To begin with, pools of fluid that become apparent under your commercial refrigeration equipment are a tell-tale sign that all is not right. The trouble is that they can be difficult to spot so take the time and trouble to look underneath each unit once in a while. Larger leaks will spread out of course but you shouldn't leave it until your annual deep clean to notice this sort of problem. Look inside your chiller cabinets, too. Pooling at the bottom of a unit inside can also indicate that a preventative commercial refrigeration repair will be of use.

2. High Electrical Consumption

When your normal business operations don't change much but you see a big hike in the amount of electricity you are consuming, then the answer could be faulty fridges and freezer units that are not working as efficiently as they once did. It could be that you only need a new seal or two to be fitted to put the problem right so the repair could potentially pay for itself by the time your next utility bill arrives.

3. Unusual Sounds

Another typical indication that a commercial refrigeration repair might be in your best commercial interests is when you start to hear odd sounds. The usual humming and rattling of the condensers and compressors used in commercial refrigeration equipment shouldn't concern you. That said, if there is a new sound that you cannot account for, then it will be worth calling out an engineer.

4. Inconsistent Temperatures

Finally, perhaps the most clear-cut sign that you need a repair engineer to check your chilling equipment over is when they don't produce consistently low temperatures. Chiller units that fluctuate by anything more than a degree or so may get worse if they are left without a proper inspection.


8 February 2023

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