Types of Buckets You Can Consider When Engaging In Excavation

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If you are looking to carry out minor excavation on your property, whether for landscaping or for renovations, then you should consider hiring a mini excavator. This handy equipment is easy to use and helps you save on costs that you would incur if you opted to hire out complete excavation services. When hiring out a mini excavator, you should consider what attachments would be best suited for the project you are carrying out. Newbie users of mini excavators will probably be aware that they should have an excavator bucket to use in conjunction with the main excavator. However, do you know which type of excavator bucket would be best suited for your needs? The following are some types of buckets you can consider when engaging in excavation on your property.

General Purpose Excavator Buckets

As the name suggests, this is a typical excavator bucket that will be used with a mini excavator. General-purpose buckets will have teeth-like protrusions at the front. These protrusions help on picking up material from the ground during the excavation process. This works to make the excavation process easier as it drags the excavated materials to the equipment.

Ditch maintenance excavator buckets

The main purpose of these buckets is to relocate loose debris from the landscape. It can also be used to carve in ditches into the earth. Ditch maintenance excavator buckets are characterized with a frontal edge that is quite straight. This straight edge enables the bucket to clear debris away from the ground's surface, rather than having to cut through the earth. If you are working on excavating your yard during the wetter months, you should consider getting a ditch maintenance bucket that comes with drainage holes. These drainage holes will allow any excess water in the debris to filter through; hence, ensuring you are not moving around loads that have been weighed down with additional moisture.

Ribbed excavator buckets

These types of excavator buckets are designed to be used in tandem with backhoe machinery. The machinery drags the ribbed bucket along on the ground for it to collect any unwanted debris or soil. These types of buckets get their name from the wear strips that are attached to their outer surface. These strips work toward preventing any premature wearing of the bucket when it's being dragged by the backhoe machinery. The arrangement of the wear strips is what makes the bucket appear ribbed. 


10 June 2016

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