Essential Precautions For Exterior House Painting You Should Observe When Renovating


Exterior house painting is an effective way of renovating or reawakening your outdoors. To get the best results when painting the exteriors, you should follow exterior house painting precautions.  Below is outline of essential precautions that will come in handy for you when you're painting your house.

Consider the Weather

The weather does affect the results of an exterior painting job. If you paint your house when the weather is bad, the paint might come off soon after, or you might get a poor finish and have to repaint the area again. Direct sunlight and strong winds are among top weather culprits that are likely to ruin your painting.

Don't paint a surface that receives direct sunlight when the sun is scorching that area. Instead wait for the area to get some shade or paint it in the evening when the sun goes down. The heat from direct sunlight dries paint very fast, and this effect may cause blistering and peeling of the paint. Strong winds also dry the paint too fast and may blow dirt onto wet paint leaving marks and debris.

Create a Good Exterior Base

It's important that you create a uniform exterior base, so that you can achieve a good paint finish. Taking care of holes and cracks on the surface will help you prepare the right base. Also, if you're painting a wooden surface, remove and replace rotten wood surfaces before you begin painting.

You should do filling and patching for the entire area you intend to paint. First, check for any cracks and holes and then fill and patch them with an appropriate filler and patch compound. A professional painting and decorating supplies provider will advise you on the best products to use. Filling and patching will help you set a good exterior base.

Add Traction

If you're painting a path or an area where people walk on, such as the deck or porch stairs, then increase the traction of the surface. Often, finished painting can be overly smooth, such that it makes the paths and walkways slippery.

Adding a small amount of grit or fine sand to your paint will increase the traction of the painted surface. You can also opt to purchase a traction additive similar to grit from your painting supplier. Your paint supplier can also advise you on the amount to grit or additive to use for the paint job.

If you want to achieve good results for your exterior paint job, then pay attention to the recommended exterior painting precautions. The abovementioned exterior house painting precautions may come in handy for you.  

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8 June 2016

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