4 Important Tips for DIY Aluminium Fence Installation


Aluminium fences can add to the beauty of your property whether you use them to fence off the pool or the entire home. They also require minimal maintenance. This makes this type of fence very popular among homeowners who would like to give their property a facelift by installing a new fence. However, one needs to bear in mind some important factors when installing an aluminium fence. This article discusses some of the important tips that will help you to have a hassle-free installation.

Start at the Gate

It is always advisable to begin the installation by installing the posts where the gate will be located. This step is important because you cannot adjust the location of different posts once the fence has been installed. The posts come when they have already been punched so one simply slots the rails into those punched holes. Avoid having to place the gate in an awkward location by installing its posts first before you measure where other posts will be located.

Pre-mark Post Locations

Never start digging the holes for fence posts before you have marked where all the posts will be located. As already stated, there is no flexibility in the way fence post locations can be decided. Pre-marking ensures that you will not have to redo the entire project once you discover that the posts were spaced unevenly. As you mark the locations where the holes will be dug, place stakes where the center of each hole will be. This will guide you as you dig a hole of the requisite diameter.

Pick the Correct Fence

Many manufacturers of aluminium fencing have fences rated for residential, commercial or industrial use. Consider why you want the fence before you select a rating. For instance, a residential strength fence may not be adequate if you own very active pets that will keep bumping against that fence. In such a case, a fence rated for commercial use may be better suited for your home.

Double Check Utility Lines

Contact the utility companies in your area so that they map where their lines pass on your property. This is important because some aluminium fence posts, such as those for the gate, may have to be placed in very deep holes. This can pose the risk of hitting a utility line if you didn't know it was present in that place where you are digging the hole. It is also unwise to have utility lines running underneath the fence because your fence may be removed in case repairs need to be done on the utility lines beneath the fence.

Your fence installation project will proceed without a hitch if you keep the tips above in mind. You can also save yourself the burden of looking into so many issues by hiring a fence contractor to install that fence.


8 June 2016

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