Quick Tips for Choosing the Right Timber Products for a Home Project

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Timber or wood may seem all alike to you, but there is a lot of variation when it comes to the durability of different types of wood products as well as its overall appearance. You don't always want the cheapest product available when you're remodeling or renovating, but should choose what will work for you long-term. Note a few quick tips for choosing the right timber products, no matter your home project.

1. Color and appearance

Wood can be painted and stained so it has a nice appearance, but consider how much work is involved. You need to sand the wood to give it a smoother texture, apply coat(s) of paint, wipe off  excess stain after it's applied, and usually add a sealer once it's dry. If you don't look forward to all this work, especially for a large surface like wood floors, choose a wood that is already the color you prefer. Cherry has a reddish tone, bamboo has a lighter shade, oak is even lighter, mahogany has a dark brown finish, and so on. This will mean less work for you overall.

2. Solid wood versus veneers

Veneers are planks of a wood composite over which there is another wood glued to the surface. The outer layer of wood is usually made with a very expensive type of wood, whereas the planks are made from something cheaper, usually mixed with glue to make it durable. Veneers then give you the look of these expensive woods without the cost of solid wood planks. 

While they may be cheaper, note that when you do sand veneer planks to have them refinished, you are removing some of that top layer. Eventually you can no longer remove that layer and will need the veneer replaced. For surfaces that will need consistent re-sanding, such as hardwood floors in a home with children and pets who may mark it up constantly, solid wood may be a better choice.

3. Particleboard

Particleboard is made with particles of wood, meaning chips and other such pieces, mixed with a resin. This is like the underside of veneers, but particleboard won't have that outer layer of expensive wood. It does not stand up under too much weight so it's not good for use as framing, but it can be used for cabinets, for covering over insulation, and other simple applications where you simply need the look of wood without the durability.


7 June 2016

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