Extra Gear That You May Need For Your Winch

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A winch refers to a mechanical device that can be used to adjust the tension of a rope or wire by pulling it in or pushing it out. Winches can be used for several purposes, such as retrieving a vehicle that is stuck in mud or a ditch. This article discusses some of the additional gear that a construction specialist may need in case he or she is planning to use a winch to retrieve his or her vehicle in the course of doing work in the countryside.

A Dampener

A dampener, such as a blanket, is a very useful accessory to have for people who use winches. The purpose of this dampener is to limit the risks and damage that may result when a winch wire breaks as that winch is being used to retrieve a vehicle or move a heavy load. The dampener should be placed on top of the winch wire or cable. In case the cable snaps, the dampener restrains that cable from flying wildly around. This can save those within the range of the cable from being injured by that flying cable.

A Battery

The most common winches are electrical. Such winches draw a lot of power from the battery of your vehicle as you attempt to retrieve your vehicle using that winch. Oftentimes, the vehicle battery loses all its power and the winch fails to pull the vehicle from where it was stuck. You can avoid this scenario by buying a battery whose power output matches the requirements of your winch. Connect the winch to this extra battery so that you don't take the risk of your vehicle battery being drained in a vain attempt to salvage the stuck vehicle.

A Winch Kit

Winch kits are normally purchased separately from the winch itself. The winch kit contains a variety of items that ease the use of that winch in addition to improving the safety of the person operating the winch. The items in the kit include a tree strap that helps you to anchor the winch cable onto a tree without damaging the tree or wire. The kit may also contain a bent rod that you can use to feed the winch cable into the spool without taking the risk of your finger being caught within the rollers. Heavy-duty gloves, shackles and a pulley block may also be included in that winch kit.

Not all winch applications require the extras above. Examine your specific application and seek for guidance from winch suppliers regarding the most appropriate accessories that you should buy.


7 June 2016

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