How You Can Insulate The Loft Of Your Newly Built Home

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If you have just moved in to a newly built house, start thinking of ways in which you can save energy as early as possible. One way is by installing loft insulation, which can save up to 45% of the energy you need for heating and cooling your home. In a home that has no insulation, heat rises and escapes easily through the roof. In fact, 25% of heat in un-insulated home is lost through the roofs. With insulation installed in the loft, however, the case is different. The following guide explains how you can install the insulation yourself.

Choosing From Modes Of Installation 

Generally, there are two ways you can install the insulation material for maximum saving of heat energy. You can either decide to do a cold loft or a soft loft. A cold loft is where insulation is installed immediately above the ceiling, meaning that no heat will get to your loft. In a soft loft mode of installation, the insulation material is placed under the roof, which means that heat will access the loft area. If you want to turn the loft into a living space, then a warm loft is the best mode of installation since it keeps the loft area warm.

Fixing The Insulation Material

If your loft is easily accessible, you can install the insulation material yourself. Mineral wool is the easiest material to install and it comes in the form of foil-backed rolls. Lay the first layer between the joists. Then lay the second layer at a right angle to the first one and in a way that covers the joists. The second layer should be enough to create the required depth of wool needed for maximum heat conservation. For mineral wool, the required depth is 270mm.

If you intend to use the loft for storage, you must lay boards over the joists. Install the mineral wool between the joist and place insulation boards on top. Then finish the job off by placing wooden boarding on top.

Note that you can purchase insulation boarding that is already bonded with floor boarding instead of placing each type of board one at a time. Take care not to squeeze the mineral wool while you are laying down the boards as this will tamper with the insulation properties of the material. Also note that due to the presence of boards, the insulation will not be thick enough.


6 June 2016

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