Bringing Down The Cost Of Business Electricity

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Virtually all business activities rely on the use of electricity either directly or indirectly. For this reason, the cost of electricity is often a concern for a large number of business persons. This situation often prompts the need for business owners to look for practical ways of reducing their commercial electricity utility bills.

Discussed in this article are three among the various ways referred to above.

Change Tariffs Or Change The Supplier

The cost of business electricity is often largely determined by the pricing structure (tariff) used to bill a commercial entity. Business owners can request their commercial electricity supplier to adjust the structure of the existing tariff as spelt out in the electricity supply agreement/contract.

Examples of adjustments that can translate to lower utility bills including an "off-peak service charge" in the electricity supply contract in place of a single-rate service charge. An off-peak service charge means that the business owner will pay less for every unit of electricity used during off-peak business hours (e.g. at night). With a single-rate service charge, the cost of each unit of electricity remains constant regardless of the time of day.

Under normal circumstances, there's no reason for a commercial electricity supplier to turn down the request described above. If this should happen, however, it might be a good idea to look for a different supplier who's ready to accommodate the changing needs of the commercial entity.

Switch To LED

Replacing fluorescent tubes with LED light bulbs may effect a small reduction in the cost of business electricity. In order to reap more significant energy savings, business owners may have to do more than installing LED bulbs all over the place. The LED virtual sky is an example of what "more" would refer to in this context.

An LED virtual sky is a type of commercial ceiling that's made using ceiling panels that have LED-lights infused into their structure. While the cost of installing LED light-infused ceiling panels may be high, the potential energy savings to be made stand to be higher.

Contract, Don't Retain

The cost of maintenance for (and repairs to) commercial electrical systems increases the cost of business electricity by a significant margin. For this reason, business owners are often advised to rely on independent electrical contractors for maintenance/repairs as opposed to retaining the services of an in-house electrical contractor.

Because maintenance and repairs to electrical systems are not undertaken on a daily basis, choosing an independent electrical contractor allows a business owner to pay for commercial electrical services only when they need these services.


6 June 2016

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