What Are Asbestos Registers and Programs, and Why Are They Important?

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Finding asbestos in a commercial building doesn't mean you need to sell or tear down the building, and it also doesn't necessarily mean you need to have the substance removed. If you decide to keep it in place and simply contain the substance, you may then be required to have an asbestos register or management program in place. Note some factors about asbestos registers, what they include, how to get them, and why they're so important when asbestos is being contained on your property.

1. What is an asbestos register?

An asbestos register may be legally required by someone with a commercial property where asbestos has been found; this register includes a record of a survey done on the property to note the extent of the asbestos, where it has been found, how it is being contained, and the like. Whether or not you are required to have this register will vary according to your location and the amount of asbestos found; if you're unsure if it would apply to you, it's best to call an asbestos removal contractor and discuss this with them. They will usually know the legal requirements in your area for records and management.

2. What is asbestos management?

Asbestos management refers to a program that keeps asbestos in place when found in a commercial building, and which then monitors the asbestos over time. As with the register, whether or not you're required to have this management program will vary according to your location and the amount of asbestos found. However, even if not legally required to keep this management program, it can be good to have a licensed asbestos inspector note the condition of materials containing asbestos and your containment measures, so you know you have no risk of the substance becoming airborne over time.

3. Will an asbestos survey alert staff that asbestos may be on the property?

Most asbestos surveyors are very discreet when called on to take samples of asbestos, as they understand how delicate the matter is and how upset persons can be when they discover that asbestos may be on the premises. Note that in some cases, however, you may be obligated to inform your staff of the asbestos, how it's being contained, and how you are protecting them from exposure. A surveyor can usually note your legal obligations in this regard as well, depending on the amount of asbestos found and its location.


31 May 2016

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