Commercial Renovations: Simple Guidelines for Successful Project Management

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You should consider performing major renovations in your commercial property if the building is starting to show obvious signs of wear. You can also make modifications or extend the space to accommodate new tenants or alternative applications. When starting this type of project, you must evaluate different factors that could affect the success of the work. These aspects will include the budget, legal requirements, materials acquisition and equipment. Therefore, you should ensure that you have a good construction management plan in place to promote coordination and efficiency. Here are some critical tips to help you develop a good renovation strategy for your commercial building.

Engage Multiple Trade Contractors 

One of the primary challenges attached to managing a commercial renovation project is efficient tracking of contractor tasks. In simple terms, if you have different firms handling each element of the improvement work, you will have to handle numerous invoices, checks and other documents. For example, a general refurbishment project would require plumbing and electrical, HVAC, building and energy management contractors. You can make the management tasks easier by engaging a multiple trade contractor. Basically, this type of firm will cover all your contracting needs. The business can be a consolidated group or it can act as primary contractors and have numerous subcontractors.  

Acquire Management Software

You should acquire construction management software for your project, even if you have engaged a specialist project manager. This type of program will help you keep track of the work being performed without having to visit the worksite constantly. Moreover, you can reduce the time required to coordinate with the project manager since your ideas can be communicated via the software. When shopping for a program, look for a product with reactive technology for enhanced efficiency. This feature is designed to change the different aspects of the project if something does not go as planned. For example, if there is a delay in material delivery or a change in budget, the software will recalculate the timetable or the budget to match the new circumstances.

Retain a Building Inspector

Finally, you should engage a building inspector for the duration of the project. There are numerous building regulations, codes and restrictions that must be adhered to during commercial renovations. If these are violated, you could face serious legal and financial repercussions. Therefore, it is advisable to have a building inspector with the right expertise to navigate the potential problems. Additionally, they will also issue approvals and certificates for building extensions and other significant modifications. 


31 May 2016

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