Metal Roof Insulation: The CcSPF Advantage

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There are various ways to improve energy efficiency within the residential setting. Investing in proper roof ventilation is one of the best ways to achieve the mentioned objective.

A well-insulated roofing system will work to prevent unnecessary loss of heat from the house, thus reducing the need for artificial heating. CcSPF is an abbreviation for closed-cell spray polyurethane foam, which is an insulation material commonly used on metal roofing systems. This article discusses two advantages associated with ccSPF insulation on a metal roof.

Thermal-Induced Movement Of Metal Roof Panels

The involuntary movement of metal roofing panels is often an inevitable occurrence. This is because the panels will often expand and contract under the influence of fluctuating temperatures. The involuntary movement of metal roof panels can have various negative consequences including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Loosening (and the subsequent pulling out) of metal roof fasteners
  • Delamination of the flashing material used on the roof
  • Separation of individual roof panels
  • Breaking loose of welds within the metal structure of the panels (this often results in leakages on the metal roof)

When sprayed on a metal roofing system, ccSPF provides a continuous and an effective layer of insulation for the roof deck. The presence of a continuous layer of insulation is known to reduce the difference in temperature between the internal part of the roof and the roof deck. Thus, temperature fluctuations are minimized, and so is the involuntary movement of metal roofing panels.

Air Circulation

One weakness that a large number of metal roofing systems have is that the panels used often lack continuous air seals in places where the roof intersects with walls. This creates an opportunity for the entry of large air volumes into interior parts of the house. Thus, metal roof owners are often advised to invest in air-barrier systems. Self-adhered roofing membranes are commonly used for as air-barrier systems. However, these membranes will often feature irregularly-shaped and tight-fitting edges that make their installation cumbersome.

Once sprayed on the surface of a metal roof, liquid ccSPF will expand beyond its original volume. In this process, the insulation material fills voids, crevices and cracks on the metal roof. This creates a natural air-seal on the metal roofing system, thereby ensuring that roof vents are the only entry point for atmospheric air into interior sections of the house.

For more information on the potential benefits of ccSPF insulation on a metal roof, get in touch with a preferred metal roofing contractor.


27 May 2016

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