Is Asphalt a Better Choice for Your Home's Driveway Than Concrete?

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Asphalt and concrete both have their advantages as paving materials, but you might want to consider asphalt for when you need to have a new driveway poured. There are many reasons why this material is better than concrete and many advantages it might offer, so note a few of those here and then discuss these choices with a contractor so you make the right decision.

1. Texture and appearance 

You can have an aggregate added to concrete to give it texture and make it safer when it's wet or otherwise slick, but this adds to the cost of your paving job. Poor-quality aggregates can also come loose from concrete or split and crack themselves. Asphalt is naturally bumpier so that it can provide more traction during wintertime or rainy weather without worrying about the quality of any aggregate.

You can also paint or stamp concrete to look like other materials in order to enhance its appearance, but once the surface of concrete starts to crack or get chipped, it can look very unsightly. You may then need to have the entire surface recoated just to make it look presentable again. However, the dark color of asphalt can make it look very good without having to repaint it or otherwise touch it up over the years.

2. Lower maintenance costs

All driveway materials will crack and chip over time, but asphalt usually means lower maintenance costs. You can buy simple asphalt sealer that seeps into a crack and fills it in, whereas concrete patching kits are often more expensive. You may even need to mix up a batch of new concrete to fill in a deep crack, and this is often much more costly than any materials needed to repair asphalt. Add this to the fact that asphalt usually has lower installation costs and this means that the material is much more affordable overall.

3. Flexibility

If you have a heavy trailer or truck, it may be more likely to cause concrete to crack because the material can be somewhat brittle. However, the soft texture of asphalt can allow it to be more flexible so that it might simply sink a little when you drive over it with a heavy vehicle, and then the material will shift and return to its original shape. This can mean less damage to your driveway no matter how often you drive over it with your motor home, tractor, and other such vehicle.


27 May 2016

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