Home Flooring: The Benefits of Choosing Engineered Stone Slabs

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When upgrading your residential floors, you should consider using engineered stone slabs as the new flooring material. This is an ideal alternative to concrete and natural stones like marble, slate and granite. Basically, the engineered stone blocks are manufactured using crushed natural stone, usually marble and quartz. These pieces are bound together using construction-grade adhesive to create stable units. Polymer resin is the most prevalent binding agent, but you can request alternatives that use cement mix. For indoor flooring, you should choose engineered slabs made using marble aggregate. Quartz-based alternatives are more suited for light-duty countertop applications. If you are still uncertain about this material, consider these outlined advantages attached to choosing engineered stone for your home floors.


Natural stone is favoured for home flooring because of the incomparable aesthetic appeal presented. Unfortunately, most of these materials have porosity problems due to internal cracks and other structural weaknesses. When the stone are installed, they will soak up moisture, and eventually, mould and mildew will grow in the stone. Engineered stone slabs will allow you to enjoy the visual appeal of natural stone without this concern. The stone is crushed before usage, so pre-existing cracks are not a concern. Moreover, the binding agent creates an internal uniform texture, which eliminates the possibility of water infiltration.


One of the primary factors that you should consider when building floors is the durability of the surface. The lifespan of flooring materials will depend on their ability to support foot traffic without cracking. Engineered stone slabs are exceptional in resisting stress damage due to impact or eventual pressure because the structure is not brittle. Basically, the polymer binding resin and even the special cements used in creating the composite are flexible. This means that the stone aggregate can shift slightly within the structure under pressure without the slab sustaining damage. It is important to note that the engineered tiles can lose their flexural strength over time. This is mainly as a result of UV radiation degradation, so it is unwise to expose your stones to such harsh conditions.

Design Variety

Engineered stones are available in diverse designs, so you will find slabs that match your décor and personal preference. Normally, the variance in appearance can be attributed to the existing variety of natural stones in the world with regard to patterns and colours. The stones can be crushed to different sizes for different visual impact. Moreover, other materials like glass and shells can be incorporated for unique and varied flooring units.


27 May 2016

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