A Comparison Between Wooden Crates and Pallet Collars

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As a manufacturer, you need to choose a packaging option that will enable you to store and transport your products safely and conveniently. Some of the options that you can choose from include wooden crates, pallet collars and plastic crates. This article compares wooden crates and pallet collars. Use this information to select the most appropriate packaging solution for your products.

What They Are

Pallet collars refer to a combination of hinged layers of timber pieces placed over a pallet. The height of the pallet collar can be adjusted so that the collar is as high as you require.

Wooden crates are wooden containers that have rigid timber walls that cannot be adjusted if one wants to make them shorter or taller. You can only open the top or side of the crate in order to access the contents inside it.

Space Occupied

When empty, these containers occupy different sizes of space. The wooden crate will still occupy the same amount of space that it occupied when it had products within it. However, the collars on a pallet collar can be unhinged so that the packaging material occupies minimal space when it is empty. This makes pallet collars a better option in case you have limited space that you would like to reserve for storing your manufactured products before they are shipped to clients.


Wooden crates offer a high degree of safety to products. This is because they are enclosed on all sides. This restricts the access that people can have to the products until the crate is opened. Pallet collars are open at the top. This allows easy access to the products that are inside that container. The hinges also make it easy to remove a layer of the collar so that access can be obtained to the goods therein. If safety is a major concern, use wooden crates to package or store your products.


It may be expensive to dismantle and reassemble wooden crates in case you would like to alter their dimensions. For instance, you may have to fabricate new crates if you wish to package a bigger product than you normally package. However, pallet collars are easy to customise, as already noted earlier. All that you need to do is to add hinged layers of timber in order to make a bigger pallet collar.

Pay close attention to the issues above as you think about the most appropriate packaging solution for your products. You can also talk to a packaging professional so that he or she can suggest how you can overcome the inherent challenges of your preferred packaging solution.


27 May 2016

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