A Few Factors to Remember When Choosing a Heavy-Duty Truck

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Choosing a heavy-duty truck, either for your fleet or as the only truck you'll have on the jobsite, is not something you want to do too quickly. Trucks are usually a big investment for any individual or company, so you need to ensure you get the best choice for your money and consider all factors and features available with any truck. Note a few factors to remember when choosing a heavy-duty truck so you know you get the best one for you and your industry or use.

1. Road conditions

Consider where will the truck be used: primarily on paved roads or off-road? Off-road can mean the side of roads that are not paved so that you're driving in mud, sand, gravel, and the like. If your truck will consistently be off-road or on anything not paved, you may need to ensure you get a four-wheel drive for added traction and stability. However, if the truck will typically be used in the city to make deliveries of certain materials, you may not need to invest in four-wheel drive. In the city, you may need a tighter turning radius and a lighter engine that won't run as hot and waste as much fuel when idling in traffic.

2. Diesel versus gas

Diesel engines may be more expensive and diesel fuel may cost more than standard gas, but you can save more with a diesel engine if you're hauling or towing anything heavy. The diesel engine converts more heat into power so you use less fuel for this added strength the truck will need. A diesel engine also runs cooler than a gas engine, so it won't tend to overheat when you're towing or carrying anything heavy, and there is less wear and tear on the engine overall. In turn, you may have fewer repair bills with a diesel engine versus a gas engine.

3. Air brakes versus hydraulic

Air brakes may be more expensive but they usually give you better stopping power. This added power can be important if you will be driving the truck at high speeds such as on the freeway and you may need more power to come to a stop. It may also be needed when driving down hilly terrain. Note your usual use for the truck and roads you may be driving on and consider investing in the air brakes for that added power if necessary.

Keep these considerations and tips in mind when looking for heavy load trucks


26 May 2016

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