Restaurant Owners: Tips for Reducing Allergens Around Your Rubbish Bin and Skip


If you own a restaurant, you likely produce a lot of rubbish including leftover food, vegetable peelings, food wrappers and a range of other items. Unfortunately, if some of your staff have allergies, it may be hard for them to take the rubbish from the restaurant to your commercial skip bin. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to reduce allergens in your rubbish and around your skip.

Check out these ideas:

1. Take out the rubbish daily.

Most restaurants take out all of their rubbish at the end of the day, and if you aren't in the habit of doing that you should start. By removing rubbish daily, you prevent it from festering and potentially rotting in your restaurant or kitchen. Similarly, by removing the rubbish consistently, you prevent potential allergens that may be lurking in the bin from wafting into the air.

2. Clean bins frequently to reduce mold buildup

In addition to removing bags of rubbish daily or even more than once a day, make sure that you clean your bins on a regular basis. When you clean them, remove old food that has snuck into the base of the bin as well as liquids. This prevents mold, a common allergen, from building up.

3. Wet down dust.

You also need to eliminate dust, another common allergen, from flying around near your rubbish bins. If someone vacuums your restaurant floor and empties the canister into the bin, the dust is likely to float up out of the bin. To prevent this, moisten a paper towel and lay it over the dust and debris from your vacuum canister. The water weighs down the dust to prevent it from flying. Then, if one of your staff members with a dust allergy takes out the trash later, they don't have to worry about being greeted by a cloud of dust in their face.

4. Keep area around skip clean to deter stray animals.

In addition to taking steps to reduce allergens around the bin inside your restaurant, also take some steps to reduce potential allergens around your commercial skip outside. Ideally, you should also clean the skip on a regular basis to eliminate the buildup of mold.

In addition, you should keep the area around the skip clean. In particular, sweep up food scraps that collect around the bin, and make sure that all of the rubbish inside the bin is securely bagged. Controlling scraps and odours deters stray dogs or cats from gathering around your skip, and that helps protect employees who may have allergies to animals.  


25 May 2016

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