Four Ways to Prevent a Toilet Clog

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Clogged toilets are a messy situation in one more ways than one, and are one of the most common reasons for people to call a plumber. Not only are they tough on the senses, toilet clogs can also cause water damage and sometimes require intensive repair. However, there are steps you can take to make sure that toilet clogs are far less likely to happen.

Dump with care

Your toilet is not a rubbish bin; the only things that you should place in it are toilet paper and human waste. Everything else should go in the bin. So, no more baby wipes, cotton swabs, matches or kitchen roll; by treating your toilet like a rubbish dump, you're just asking for it to get clogged. Instead, place a bin next to your toilet and make sure that if it doesn't come from your body and it isn't toilet paper, it goes directly into the bin. This includes any items that state they are flushable; it simply is not worth taking the risk. Then, tell your family so they don't make the same mistake.

Get to the root of the problem

As unlikely as it sounds, if you get frequent toilet clogs, it could be because there are tree roots growing in the pipes under your toilet. If you suspect this could be the problem, it's best to get a plumber to check it out. But for maintenance sake, there are plumbing solutions available for purchase that will kill the root and prevent this problem from reoccurring.

Flush with caution!

One of the most common reasons for blockages is that too much toilet paper is flushed in one go. Use only what you need, and, if you need to use a lot of toilet paper, make sure you do a double flush. Also, make sure the toilet paper you use isn't too plush; the thicker the paper, the more likely it is to cause a clog. 

Watch your little ones

Keep an eye on your children if they are playing in the bathroom. It's easy for small toys to fall or be placed into the toilet and cause a clog. Talk to your children about keeping toys out of the toilet, and, if they're very young, consider installing safety locks that will prevent the toilet lid from being easily opened.

For more information on toilet clogs, talk to a plumber in your area.


19 May 2016

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